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Fort DuQuesne is Done

November 24, 2018 all-day


compiled by Jim Moyer 11/20/2019

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Is that you Johnston?


The Captain Mercer Company … See more on this reenactment group and about Colonel George Washington’s aide Captain George Mercer who later became Lt Col Mercer under Colonel Byrd in the Forbes Expeedition. Touch or Click to Enlarge.


“The Army to March

to morrow morning at 7 OClock,

some of the Northern Indians

now out upon the Scout

to the French Fort,

are expected in Camp

this night the[y] will be receivd

as Friends

and known

to the Guards and Sentries

by calling out Johnston.”


Nov 24, 1758.    See source.


They are close. Real close.


So close they had to be quiet. Alert.


That night they killed all the dogs too.


“As the number of Dogs

that follow the Troops

are become

a great Neausance in Camp

the Provost

is therefore to hang

all Stray Dogs

he Can find.”   


In addition to saying Johnston, an earlier order in the headwaters of Turtle Creek camp, this order on Nov 20, 1758 identifies Friendly Indians.


The Troops are to be informd

that any Partys of Indians

whom they meet

Carrying a red rag

at the end of a Pole

are to be receivd as friends

and likewise

any Single Indians

wearing a

blue and red badge

about their Heads

as well as a Yellow one.3


But then ….


An Indian Scout reports seeing smoke at Fort Duquesne.


The French  destroyed their fort.  They were leaving Fort DuQuesne, the point on the 3 Rivers, later to become Pittsburgh.


In one day, Fort Loudoun Winchester VA won’t be necessary. Nor any of the other 100 or so fort and block houses will be needed.


The Reunion by Robert Griffing


Later they go back to the Woods of the Dead, the site of Braddock’s Defeat 3 years earlier. The skulls and bones are still there.


A sketch by 

Benjamin West

will be

displayed next to

“The Reunion,”

an historical painting

of the same scene

by modern artist

Robert Griffing


Click or touch photo to enlarge.


See article




See Francis Halkett’s last letter to Colonel George Washington.


This letter was written 6 days before the Virginia Regiment hiked to the spot of Braddock’s Defeat.




More on this “reunion:”



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