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May 28, 2015 all-day
Jumonville Glen battlefield park
North Union, PA 15445

Jumonville Incident: May 28,1754


Did the Chief Half King tomahawk the skull of French Officer Jumonville when he was a wounded prisoner — in front of Washington?


               And why did Washington sign his name to a French document calling Washington an “assassin” ?


There were many accounts of this.


George Washington’s letters

see 11th paragraph 29 May 1754 Washington letter to Dinwiddie

31 May 1754 Washington letter to John Augustine

29 May 1754 Washington letter to Joshua Fry

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1757 GW writes about Assassin Mis-interpretation



Adam Stephen’s account

John Shaw – not an eye  witness

Monceau’s account

            Lt Joseph-Gaspard Chaussegros de Lery records Contrecour’s recital of Denis Kaninguen‘s testimony




This article is from the Winchester Star

17 November 2014 the 13th Annual Meeting

of the French and Indian War Foundation

Click on each page of article. Click again to enlarge.


Fort Loudoun 16 Nov 2014 annual meeting a1 Fort Loudoun 16 Nov 2014 annual meeting a2 Fort Loudoun 16 Nov 2014 annual meeting b1 Fort Loudoun 16 Nov 2014 annual meeting b2

Wednesday November 19, 2014 column by Adrian O’Connor in the Winchester Star about the 13th Annual Meeting 

jumonville annual meeting 2014a jumonville annual meeting 2014b jumonville annual meeting 2014c jumonville annual meeting 2014d


13TH Annual Meeting

of French and Indian War Foundation

Sunday,  November 16 2014

2pm to 4pm

215pm Business Meeting and Award

3pm Speaker  Mr. Paul R. Misencik,

author of

George Washington and the Half-King Chief Tanacharison“,

At Godfrey Miller Home    at Woltz Pavilion

28 S Loudoun St.

on the Old Town walking mall Winchester VA.

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