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St Louis Rising Book Events

April 30, 2015 all-day




Thursday April 30, 2015

Dr Carl Ekberg , Board member of the French and Indian War Foundation, and Sharon Person, authors of

St. Louis Rising: The French Regime of Louis St. Ange De Bellerive,”

stopped by

St. Louis on the Air, hosted by Don Marsh,  to provide historical insight, challenging the often told story

about the discovery of St. Louis.

dr carl ekberg st louis rising radio show


Previous Event 13 April 2015.


One of the French and Indian War Foundation’s Directors on its board, Dr Carl J Ekberg,  is coauthor of a book, St. Louis Rising: The French Regime of St. Ange de Bellerive.


Excerpts from news article


The Webster community will be the first to get their hands on St. Louis Rising: The French Regime of St. Ange de Bellerive – a new book by historians Carl J. Ekberg and Sharon Person – next month, courtesy of Centre Francophone at Webster University.


To commemorate the book’s launch, Ekberg and Person will participate in a panel discussion about the founding of St. Louis on Monday, April 13, in Webster University’s East Academic Building at 4:30 p.m.


They will be joined the Consul Général of France, Vincent Floréani, who will provide opening remarks.


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“It is indeed commonly understood that after the French and Indian War the entire west side of the Mississippi became Spanish,” Cuillé said. “But [Ekberg and Person’s] new research shows that, with Louis St. Ange de Bellerive as commandant, St. Louis remained a French post until 1770. The authors also go back to the conventional wisdom that Pierre Laclède came up the Mississippi River from New Orleans in order to found St. Louis, and sent fourteen-year-old Auguste Chouteau to get the job done. St. Louis Rising demonstrates that this traditional story is a legend, based on Chouteau’s journal.”

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