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Landmark Status

NATIONAL LANDMARK status accomplished for Fort Loudoun Winchester VA reported in Winchester Star Saturday July 12, 2014


Confirmation of status can be found on the national parks:

Click on www.nps.gov/nr/nrlist.htm  then click on Weekly list for July 3rd 2014. Once in list scroll to bottom.

Or simply click on: LIST , then scroll to bottom.


Confirmation of status can be found in Virginia:

Click on http://www.dhr.virginia.gov/registers/register.htm and scroll down until you see the underlined word, online. Click on that.

Or simply click on: RegisterMasterlist and scroll to Winchester section and you will see Fort Loudoun


Double Click (left clicker) and article will become more readable and after double clicking you will see a magnifying glass. Click on that.

Fort Loudoun page 1


Fort Loudoun page 2

Fort Loudoun page 3


USA TODAY also had a little article on this achievement of Landmark status.

usa today fort loudoun landmark


The site of Fort Loudoun, in Winchester, VA was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register in June 2013.


First article on VIRGINIA LANDMARK status is from the Northern VA Daily: an article with an engaging opening paragraph.


Second article by the Winchester Star, a reliable supporter of our efforts.


Double click (left clicker) on articles below, and then left click on magnify glass:






Fort Loudoun story 1








Fort Loudoun story 2

















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